"Ditch the stuff, keep the kids!"

Johnson County Fairgrounds

Building B

4261 Oak Crest Hill RD SE

Iowa City, IA 52246

Phone: 319-202-4966


april 11-14, 2018

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Midwest Kids Market Seasonal Children's Sale

Are you too busy to consign? Use Busy Moms tagging service!

​This seasonal children's sale in Iowa City allows even the busy mom to become a consignor. We want to make it easy for you to sell your items at Midwest Kids Market and empty out valuable space in your home. You can skip the data entry and tagging, ditch the stuff, and get paid for your children's items.

Take advantage of the Busy Moms tagging service. Please contact us to learn more or schedule a drop-off appointment for your items. We have a small crew of ladies to help you consign.

How do I sign up to register or use Busy Moms?

For Busy Mom service: fill out the contact form on the right to get started. Or directly e-mail Midwest Kids Market at info@midwestkidsmarket.comSubject: Busy Mom (your last name). It is a first come, first serve basis. Busy Moms receive a commission of 15% on items they tagged for others.

To register for the sale: you can do so from the consignor page on this website or your assigned busy mom can register you too.

Gather your items to sell and we'll do the rest. At the conclusion of each sale we start receiving items for the next sale. Don't wait until the last minute.

Can I shop the pre-sale?

As a Busy Mom consignor you get three passes to enter the pre-sale on Wednesday evening from 5:30-8:30. If your busy schedule opens up you may volunteer and receive a pass to attend the pre-sale on Tuesday night. Either way you get to shop the very best our sale has to offer before the general public.

What does it cost to hire Busy Moms tagging services?

There is a standard consignor registration fee of $6.00 per sale. This fee is taken out of your proceeds at the conclusion of the sale, no need to pay up front.

You will receive 50% commission of all your sold items. Checks are mailed directly to the consignor, Busy Mom commission and registration fee is already deducted from the check.

There is a minimum of 20 items. Consignors don't have maximums, however, if your inventory is large allow adequate time for Busy Moms to tag it.

I've registered for a Busy Mom. Now what?

Please make sure items are clean and in working condition. We will not price and sell items with stains, holes, broken, etc. Gather items to sell for the correct season. If unsure please ask. We're here to help.

All tagged items will be brought to the consignment sale by the person who tagged your items. You don't need to schedule a drop off time.

Consider helping and recycling by providing your Busy Mom with wire hangers, pins and bags for toys. However it is not required.
Place items in boxes that will NOT need to be returned to you.  

Checklist for your assigned Busy Mom:

1. She will provide a quick consultation of your needs. 

2. Schedule a drop-off time for your consignment items.

3. Have you sign a Busy Mom agreement form.

4. Register you, if you haven't done so already.

5. Prepare items to sell.
6. Enter your items online.

7. Select prices.

8. Print tags.
9. Drop off items at the sale.
All items will be marked discounted and for donation after the sale, unless otherwise specified in your Busy Mom agreement. You will NEED to pickup items at the end of the sale unless specified in your Busy Mom agreement. Pickup needs to be conducted by 7PM on Saturday of sale week.  All items left at the sale will be forfeited to MKM.  

You will be able to track all your inventory online using your login and pin under Consignor Homepage. You receive a check concluding the sale season for 50% commission of your sold items and a $6.00 registration fee for the sale.

For any and all questions please contact Midwest Kids Market seasonal children's sale:


How can I help my items sell?

Share our event on facebook! The easiest way to advertise is this method with proven success.  Take a moment to share today.

Please print our flyer and pass it out to family, friends, playdates, mom's groups, daycares, churches, local bulletin boards or anyone else you think may be interested. You can help sell your items by spreading the word in the community and making this sale successful!