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Iowa City
April 11-14, 2018


How will you consign?

Consigning with Midwest Kids Market Kids Consignment Sale


How do I consign?
To begin, read this overview. Click on Consigning in the bar on the right and begin.

How does it work?
It's easy! Register for your consignor number online. Use our online consignor database to enter in all your sale items for the upcoming event. You choose the price, print the tag, and prepare all your items from the comfort of your home! Drop off your items for this great three day sale, watching your totals add up through the online consignor database. You receive a check for 65% of your total sales, minus a registration fee per sale.

But wait...I'm too busy to tag my items.
We have a BUSY MOMS tagging service so you can enjoy the benefits of consigning without worrying about the work. Click on Busy Moms Tagging Service in the bar on the right for more information.

Do I have to attend the event?
You don't need to be present at the event - we do all the work for you after you've prepared and dropped off your items at the sale. We set up, sell, and tear down. Of course you are welcome to shop at the event, stress free. Please consider volunteering for a shift during the sale week, we need your help to make this sale a success.

What is a pre-sale?
Midwest Kids Market gives volunteers and consignors the benefit of shopping the sale before the general public. You have first picks of the sale! Please check the sale info/sale schedule for the pre-sale dates and times.

How can I spread the word?
Please print our flyer and pass it out to family, friends, playdates, mom's groups, daycare, churches, local bulletin boards and anyone else you think might enjoy big discounts and lots of products. You can help sell your items by spreading the word in the community and making this a successful sale!

How do I keep track of all my stuff?
The online consignor database was programmed by a consignment sale owner. This means it was programmed with you in mind, giving you the information you want and need. You can keep track of your inventory, set your prices, see what has sold and more. Daily updates are made during the sale, so you can check from any computer to watch your sales add up.

How do I prepare or tag my items?
Tagging instructions are now available online. See the right hand column on this page and click on Tagging Instructions. Please read ALL instructions. Improperly tagging your items delays drop-off appointments and can possibly prevent your items from selling.

Is preparing my items to sell difficult, lengthy or overwhelming?  
Tagging is quite simple. One consignor told a friend, "It's really easy, I tagged while watching Desperate Housewives." While easy, it can be tedious. Start earlier than you think you need to if this is your first time consigning. See the tagging instructions document on your right.

What can I sell?
A whole lotta stuff! We sell all kids clothing that is in great condition. All things relating to children and more. There is no end to the list of items to sell. Here's a short seasonal list to give you an idea:

1. Spring sale: swimwear, pool/beach items, outdoor sports, Easter apparel, shorts, tanks, flip-flops, outdoor play sets, bicycles, etc.
2. Fall sale: Winter gear; coats, mittens, boots, etc. Indoor sporting goods, Halloween and Christmas items.
3. Year round: Sporting equipment, dancewear, licensed sports apparel, college apparel, lightweight jackets, long and short sleeve pjs, jeans, long sleeve t-shirts that are current seasonal colors and motifs.

​​You may think your outgrown kids items aren't worth a lot. Holding a sale this size shows they are!

What happens to unsold items?
You don't forfeit your inventory, it still belongs to you. We place your items back into bins for you to pick up on Saturday concluding the sale. All items need to be picked up by consignors by 7PM on Saturday. Remaining items will not be scheduled to pickup at a seperate time. All left over items will be forfeited to MKM. You can also choose to donate one, a few or all your unsold items.  
Charities we support:
DropInn Ministries

I'm missing an item.
Please check your unsold inventory report and check your inventory before leaving the sale. Check the lost items table and rejected items table before leaving too.
Please follow tagging instructions closely to prevent lost items. We do our best during the sale to match items to lost tickets, re-tag items, keep toys with their matching parts and anything else relating to managing inventory.
Midwest Kids Market is not responsible for any lost or missing items in your inventory. Please read your consignor agreement.
You can contact us via e-mail at or by calling 319-202-4966 if you have questions.

How do I get paid?
Bring a self-addressed stamped envelope to your scheduled drop-off appointment. We will use this to send your pay. Checks are mailed after the selling season has concluded. Log in to your consignor account to see what you've earned. The online consignor database will give you an estimate of earnings during sale week. This is NOT your final total. Final consignor earnings reports are sent via e-mail, after the sale ends and prior to checks being mailed. This final report will have the amount of your check listed.

What about recalls?
​It is each consignors responsibility to check their items against recalls. Not only is selling recalled items illegal, it is dangerous to others. We care about the safety of kids and can't be responsible for items subject to a recall. Consumer Product Safety Commission:;