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Previously consignor needing to register for the upcoming sale.

Consignor new to Midw‚Äčest Kids Market and needing to register.

Enter/edit inventory, print tags, track sales, and more.

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Johnson County Fairgrounds

Building B

4261 Oak Crest Hill RD SE

Iowa City, IA 52246

Phone: 319-202-4966

APRIL 6-8, 2017

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What are the registration fees?

There is a $6.00 registration fee which will be taken out of consignor's profits at the end of the sale and will be listed on the seller report.

Can I shop the pre-sale?
Consignors are given three pre-sale passes to shop on Tuesday of sale week from 5:30-8:30 PM.

How do I drop off my items?

Click here to schedule your drop-off appointment.

Here's a checklist to help make your drop-off appointment go efficiently. First schedule your drop off appointment if you haven't already done so. Login to your consignor account and click on Schedule Drop Off Appointment. Drop offs are both Monday (10-5pm) and Tuesday (9-3pm) of sale week. You may be dropping off at the same time as another consignor.  This doesn't apply to busy mom's accounts.  
How to prep at home:
1.Size your clothing by gender. Take the boys clothes and size them smallest to largest or largest to smallest, and do so for the girls clothing too. This helps volunteers sort clothing onto racks quickly. Pack in totes, boxes or bags. If you have say 200 items of clothing, just make sure each box is sized. Don't unpack every last item to get it into size order.  
2.Dancewear, swimwear, sports teams, college logo, can all be separated from your clothing. It will all go on its own rack. If it's sized in already, we'll pull it out at your appointment.
3.Make sure your items are clean and ready to put onto the floor.  Items that are not accepted at the sale will be placed in a box to return to you with your consignor number.
4.Schedule a helper, if you think you'll need help unloading and putting your non-clothing items out onto the sales floor.
5.Share the Midwest Kids Market event via Facebook. Click on events, (Iowa City).  Click on share. And get more of your stuff sold!
Your appointment:*Check-in* with Michelle. However, volunteers are more than capable to help you get started. Front and rear doors of the building can be accessed.
1. Your clothing will be placed onto a clothes rack from your bins. Volunteers will check through your clothing to make sure it is free from stains, holes, etc. You will be given back these items. Also, you may be given back items that are more appropriate to sell in the fall/winter sale.
2. Sports teams, college logo, dancewear/gymnastics, and swimwear will be pulled out for it's own rack.
3. While we check in clothing you are responsible for placing your non-clothing items in the correct area of the warehouse. Shoes are sorted by boy/girl, books, toys, infant area, all these are set into place. If you are an early Monday appt. all areas may not be clearly marked. Ask for assistance.
4. Take your totes with you. Feel free to leave cardboard boxes. These will not be returned.
5. Pick up your passes for presales.
6. Bring your self-addressed stamped envelope to get your check mailed to you.
7. Overview your schedule for the week. I'll be asking if you are volunteering.
8. Review pickup procedures for Saturday of sale week.

How do I pickup unsold inventory?

Pick-up hours will be from 2:30 pm to 7:00 pm on Saturday. All items which are not picked up by 7:00 pm on Saturday will be forfeited to Midwest Kids Market and/or donated to a local charity. Thank you so much for your donations to this worthy organization. Your donations are looked forward to every Sale and greatly appreciated by DropInn!!
At pickup:
What to expect: Chaos. The sale ends at 2PM, yet customers are still shopping and checking out. Please show them respect by not overcrowding them or interrupting during checkout.  
Volunteers will be moving about quickly taking items from the sales floor and sorting them into boxes. Breakdown is lengthy, kinda messy but our process is rather efficient. If you show up prior to your items being sorted you can locate the remaining unsold items and add them to your box.
Boxes are labeled with your consignor number. Locate your box and make sure all items are yours with your consignor number. Breakdown takes a crew of people to complete.  
Check the "missing tags" area for items that belong to you.
Check the "missing parts" area for pieces that belong to a set.
Bring your Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope if you haven't already.
Early pick-up time: If you need to pick-up early please plan to come at 2:00 pm on Saturday. Please note no items will be sorted yet so you will need to check the racks/tables for unsold items. Volunteers will not be able to help search your items during early pickup. Seller reports will also not be available until after the sale closes. You can print an unsold item report from the online consignor database. However, this will not be complete since we continue to sell all through breakdown.
Seller reports will be updated as soon as we can on Sunday after sale week.

Checks will be mailed the week following sale week.
Thanks so much for your support and participation! We appreciate you!!

I don't want my unsold inventory.
If you do not return all remaining items will be donated to DropInn Ministries!   
Thank you for your donations to this wonderful charity!!!

How do I get paid?
Bring a self-addressed stamped envelope to your scheduled drop-off appointment. Log in to your consignor account to see what you've earned. The online database will give you an estimate of earnings during sale week. This is NOT your final total. Final consignor earnings reports are sent via e-mail, after the sale ends and prior to checks being mailed. This final report will have the amount of your check listed.

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